Friday night is curry night!

Ben and Jackie came to visit all the way from Wales, and we treated them to our usual Friday night curry, with some extra bits. There is a fantatsic shop on Turnpike Lane called Ambala and they do THE most delicious savoury and sweet-treats, so I popped over and stocked up on their amazing samosas (they melt in your mouth, the pastry is so light), some lentil spincy thingies and some pakora. To fill us up further after our fish curry I also got some of these:


the wonderful Gulab Jamun (with vanilla ice cream) 🙂


I *heart* Lindor

Mmmmmmm. Look at what I am having with a cup of tea…

Lindor egg

I adore Lindor chocolate, but these are possibly the best because you get more of that buttery deliciousness in the middle. Now, to make me really happy, they could fill those little bunny rabbits with the middle stuff as well…drooooool.

Winter Walking

Edward and I went for a really long walk around Hampstead Heath on Saturday. It was a lovely day and we marched upwards from Gospel Oak and wandered around in the mud before heading to Kenwood House for a spot of lunch.


(that’s the healthy bit – we also enjoyed their gorgeous cakes)

We then decided to walk back towards home, going down Highgate Hill, over the big Archway Bridge and down to Crouch End. We did catch a bus part of the way back home, but that was quite a walk we did!

Beige Food Alert!

Yes, my diet has taken a turn for the worse. Having exhausted the local takeaway options, I have resorted to the dreaded Pot Noodle. Not something I would ever have at home…I think this is what is known as a ‘Guilty Pleasure’. I found the can of beer in the fridge and decided that whoever owns it would surely not begrudge me. I feel a bit sick now.

Pot Noodle

Devil’s food.

Oh, and another thing. Don’t try to eat the stuff using a plastic spoon, I now have splatters of ‘juice’ all over my pink t-shirt.

Not enough colour

Edward criticised my eating when he saw that picture – ‘too yellow, where’s your greens?’ he said (thinks he’s bloody Gillian McKieth!) I reassured him that I have eaten loads of apples and bananas and he seemed happier.

I’ve just got back from a bus trip to Sedbergh and the views from the bus were truly stunning. My great granparents were from Sedburgh, so I thought I should go and have a look as I am close by, and it is now a book-town (but I thought a lot of the books were over priced). As I wandered around I saw a sign saying ‘to the fell’, so I followed it. I love the fact that you can just wander out of town and up a fell! I was passed along the way by a real-life fell runner: all wirey and in short shorts with old school trainers on. ‘Nor a bad day’ he said. He made me feel all clumpy in my heavy walking boots, and I wished I was running too.

Not sure how far I walked because I forgot to take my Garmin – I don’t think it was many miles, but it was steep!