Amazon Running Store

I’ve bought tons of stuff over the years on Amazon, but if you were to look at my purchase history, it would probably throw up all sorts of random things, since I tend to go there in the run-up to a certain boy’s birthday party, trawling through for those odd little items that make a child’s party go with a swing 🙂 Until recently, I hadn’t thought of buying running gear on here, I tend to stick to my usual favourites, knowing that orders arrive promptly and can be returned/exchanged if they don’t fit. I was happy to have to opportunity then, to try out the Amazon Running Store, opting for a couple of items to make my winter running a bit more cosy.

Image: Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

I recently managed to ruin my lovely winter running tights by taking a dive across the pavement in them, so have been having some (very safe and non-diving) fun trying out some Ron Hill Vizion Contour Tights. I’ve worn Ron Hill tops before, but not tights and have been very impressed with these. The fit is lovely, even for a short-of-leg runner like me. The draw-string waist is just right, though the fit around the waist is good and high so I haven’t needed to pull the draw-string much tighter. I initially wore them on a quite windy and colder day and found them nice and cosy, but they were also comfy on a milder day last week, so the Powerlite fabric seems to work well at wicking and dissipating heat.

To complete the winter-runner picture, I have been wearing a very soft and warm long-sleeve top from Canterbury. I did feel a bit invisible dressed all in black, but the top was balanced by the tights, that have bold reflective detailing to make me stand out a bit more. The top is a bit thicker than I normally wear at this time of year, so I felt quite toasty and I know it will become a staple of my running wardrobe this winter, with lovely long sleeves to pull over chilly hands (no thumb-hole though, which would be a nice extra).

I found the delivery and service at Amazon really swift, with my items arriving promptly but, if you are desperate to get your hands on your kit, you could sign up to Amazon Prime, which gives you even faster delivery options and many other benefits.