The Primal Kitchen

I don’t really talk much about what I eat on here, it’s all action, action, action! But all that action needs fuel and I tend to keep it simple, with a bowl of muesli with dried fruit and a cuppa for breakfast, some bread based thing for lunch and veg/meat/rice/pasta type combination for dinner, it’s all good and healthy (no booze these days and not missing it!) and freshly thrown together and it seems to give me what I need to keep active and healthy. As I tend to do my running/swimming/riding in the earlier part of the day, my breakfast usually sees me through, but I do struggle on a Tuesday when I train with the running club in the evening, I just find it impossible to fuel these runs properly. The post-school-pre-run routine is a busy one, with Hector’s swimming lesson squeezed somewhere in between. I usually opt to have a swim myself and often forget to drink or eat anything before heading out at seven o’clock, bad move!

I was, therefore, pleased to receive some pre-packaged fuel in the post, in the form of these neat little paleo bars from The Primal Kitchen.

Tasty bars

Tasty bars

My limited knowledge of the Paleo Diet tells me that I should be eating less grain-based food, sugar, processed foods and oils, and focussing more on a cleaner, more simple diet, much like that of the cave-people of old (well, what we assume was eaten by our ancestors anyway). This makes sense, but the usual high-sugar energy bar or gel would be totally ruled out here. I tend not to get on so well with gels and things anyway – they just seem too sugary and all that sweetness produces far too big a spike for my little body to process. These bars are great though, small enough to give you a boost whilst not feeling too heavy to go out and run/jump/dive/fly. I must admit to having scoffed them rather quickly, they were delicious 😉 They are handmade in the UK and each bar contains no more than five ingredients, but this doesn’t mean taste is compromised. With such simple ingredients and a lack of additives, I would even give them to Hector (though I might just keep them to myself, shhhh!) AND they are gluten-free! The Primal Kitchen range launched in March and can be found in leading health-food stores and selected CrossFit Boxes and gyms at £1.49 each.

If you want to get a nice little overview of the paleo diet, there’s a great summary here.